28 April 2017

Feline Friday: Binge Watching Nature

Lily loves to go outside on the leash, but she doesn't walk too much. Mostly she just flops down on the patio and rolls around. 

Instead, she sits in front of the TV and waits for nature to come to her!

Finally, if she waits long enough, Meowmy will summon the birds on YouTube.

Ahhhh...birds in the rain!

 Birds in the garden...

 Birds in the garden, episode 97...She's binge watching nature! It's so much easier than actually walking around! :)

Quick Tinsel update: Tinsel is still doing pretty well. Unlike Lily, Tinsel actually WALKS on the leash. This time we went around the house four times, at her request, and down the street! The next day, she was very tired and barely got up or ate at all which really worried Meowmy. But since then, she's been back to her usual energy level and is still very active.

 We are enjoying each day we get to share together.

 But after many years together, Tinsel still doesn't relish her time with Lily (read: kind of hates her). "Heer, Tinsul, let mee show u mi gardin byrds on Meowmy's fone!" As you can see from the tilt of her head, Tinsel was clearly not impressed with her sister's efforts! 
Here's wishing you a happy Feline Friday and hoping you get to enjoy a bit of nature, whether inside or out!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Aren't they just such characters?! How funny Lily can't get enough of bird TV! So glad Tinsel is doing well from day to day, despite that long walk that tuckered her out!!