05 May 2017

Feline Friday: Walk with Tinsel!

Tinsel is continuing to do pretty well. Each time I think she might be failing just a little, she surprises me with her strength. She's an amazing kitty!

She loves her walks outside so we continue to go out as often as possible. Turn on your sound and come along for a walk with Tinsel! :)

Happy Feline Friday! 


Kimberly Marie said...

Ohhhh, hello beautiful, curious Tinsel!! How nice it was to go for a walk with you! {{hugs}}

Janet said...

Thank you, Kimberly Marie. I'm so glad to have this video. She loved her walks. We took one last walk yesterday morning. I could hardly bear it but she wanted to go out so badly, so off we went. HUGS and thanks so much for sharing our journey. <3