16 May 2017

Meet Me at the Bridge

 Hello, friends. The past few days have been really difficult for me. I've struggled, sometimes mightily. Of course my head knew that it was Tinsel's time to go, but having to be the one to make that decision filled my heart with anguish. I had time to prepare, but it nevertheless hit me very hard.

In the days leading up to last week, I talked to Tinsel often about the Rainbow Bridge. I explained to her quietly what was going to happen, when the time was right.

I whispered in her ear to watch for my kitty Damien who would be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for her, along with my other beloved cats and dogs. Although Tinsel and Damien never met, I told her to look for him because, as the most outgoing of the lot, Damien would no doubt be the first to greet her.

This is Damien. I loved him so much. Sadly, he passed away at a very young age when Bailey was just a little girl. Damien was such a memorable kitty that 20+ years after his passing, my vet still talks about him. :)

 Saturday morning after waking up, I walked downstairs to the kitchen carrying Lily, my eyes blurry from crying before I even got out of bed. To my utter disbelief, out on the patio was a beautiful caramel and white kitty I'd never seen before, very much like Damien. I could not believe my eyes. I quietly tiptoed to the window and tried to focus Lily's attention, but she didn't see him. I watched for some time as he sniffed around the garden plants then ran off after a rabbit. I have not seen him since.

As heartbroken as I am, I am taking this as a very comforting sign from heaven that our sweet Tinsel made it safely to the Rainbow Bridge and is now in the very good company of her special new friend, Damien.

 With much love for Tinsel, 
Janet and Lily


Kristina said...

What a lovely story. We also have two that crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Jinx and Willow, who I hope will be waiting for Kirby, Tucker, Gizmo and Coco when their time comes. Hugs to you and thank you for sharing. I think it was a sign also.

Kimberly Marie said...

I 100% believe in signs like this taking place to comfort us. I'm so very happy you received such reassurance! I have society finches, and, ironically, as the last few have passed, I've received a sign for every one of them just after I've buried them! With the first, as soon I finished burying him, I looked up and immediately saw a male Red Winged Blackbird sitting in the limb right above me and he let out a loud, long Oka-lee!! I truly believe it was my Buck having come back in the form of a bird that totally matched his personality. And it was the same for Bella, who I immediately saw a sweet Chickadee afterward. With Gingersnap I was so disappointed that I saw nothing; not one bird nearby after her burial. Then I came into the house and I saw a Sparrow in a bush directly outside of the window nearest the bird cage. Now Gingersnap always "guarded" the others, and was the last in the nest every night. I believe she was that Sparrow, still trying to guard the others by staying close by. Just a couple of weeks ago I buried Francesco. He loved Bella, and when she passed, he sat next to her where she lay. Would you believe that just after burying him I saw a PAIR of Cardinals - a male and a female, flittering around in the nearby hedgerow? So yes, I truly believe in signs from above that come to us in dark hours of grief to help soothe and heal our broken hearts... :)