07 April 2017

Feline Friday: Tinsel, Strong and Brave


Lately when I think about Tinsel (which is pretty much all the time), the words "strong" and "brave" come to mind. I know that she doesn't understand in human terms what is going on, but it's obvious that she knows something is not quite right. Yet she soldiers on and keeps doing what she wants to do. That, to me, is the very definition of strong. 

In this photo, you can see how her sweet little face is distended due to the tumor. :(

 I've mentioned previously that with the growth of the tumor, her mouth doesn't fit together quite right on one side. So saliva that would normally stay in her mouth sometimes comes out. At first, this startled her. Now, she bravely lets me dab it away with a tissue. She even lets me wipe her face and chest with a warm, wet washcloth. These are things that Tinsel would never have allowed in the past. Now she bravely lets me tend to her needs.

Last week I took Tinsel in for a check up and the vet encouraged us to keep doing what we're doing as long as she is able. So we've had another pretty good week filled with mostly good days.

She checked out the arrival of spring from her favorite viewing spot in the dining room. This weekend will be nice and clear so we can go back outside for another walk.

  She bravely tried an ever-changing array of foods (some just once!) as her mama will do just about anything to get her to eat.

Room service is also available 24-7! Her choice on this particular evening was the deli ham. Thank goodness for deli ham.

 She found some soft towels in the closet.

She enjoyed daily playtime. When Tinsel wants to play, she just sits down next to her toys until her staff notices. :)

She enjoyed a new vantage point perched on a stool by the front door.

As always, she helped me change the bed.

 She continues to be quite active, jumping up on the fireplace with one goal in mind...

 ...to look out this window!

And she made plenty of biscuits on her mama's lap, something she has rarely done in the past. Sweet Tinsel, strong and brave.

What greater gift than the love of a cat.
-Charles Dickens


Kimberly Marie said...

A wonderful post of your sweet, beautiful girl! Yes, she is strong and brave in my eyes as well. :)

Janet said...

Thank you! I appreciate your visit, Kimberly Marie! :)

Kristina said...

Yes, she's a brave, strong girl and knows how much she is loved by all of you.

Machelle Willing said...

I just found your blog a few weeks ago. I scrapbook so I have appreciated your recent posts about sorting through piles & piles of pictures. It is definitely true that your perspective about which ones are important changes over time. But I have also always loved kitties and currently have two myself. I am sorry to hear about Tinsel and felt I should comment on such a beautiful tribute. It is obvious she is much loved & pampered. Hugs to you for being brave yourself!

Janet said...

Thank you, Kristina. Hug your kitties! Hope you are doing well this week!

Janet said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Machelle! I appreciate your kind words. I am struggling with this but trying to be as brave as she is. Hug your kitties!!