27 January 2017

Feline Friday

 After a long hiatus, Neighbor Kitty stopped by to visit. (Whew! I had been worried about him!) I was gone at the time but remarkably, Spouse took these pictures of him making his presence known at our sliding glass door. Luckily I made it home just in time to chat with the big guy -- Neighbor Kitty, not Spouse! haha
This handsome tuxedo kitty REALLY wants to come inside for a visit. Of course, that's not allowed, but it doesn't keep him from peering in and meowing insistently. He's just the friendliest kitty ever!

 Truth be told, I think he would like to be Neighbor Kitty Boyfriend (through the door, of course), but the girls are having none of it. Lily acts like she can't even see him, which only makes him meow louder. But Tinsel absolutely hates him and will fight him through the glass. Even though he means no harm, Neighbor Kitty's presence is a threat to her turf!
 Sorry, bud...you'll have to look elsewhere for a girlfriend! The two girls in this house are not swayed by your manly charms! :)

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Kimberly Marie said...

:D We had a few strays over the summer, and mysteriously, they're all gone, despite our mainly milder winter than normal!! Go figure...