03 February 2017

Feline Friday

We have two antique dressers in our bedroom. We have two cats who like to jump and have decided that the dressers make a good place to sit. As a result, it's risky to put anything fragile on the dressers because I know that a "hard landing" by either of the kitties will send it flying. 

In an effort to train them not to jump on the dressers, I've had towels or pillows on top for the past several months. My Dresser Protection Program had been working very well...so well that I had even taken the brave step of adding breakable (but not irreplaceable) objects.

So imagine my shock when I walked into the bedroom to this sight:

What the heck? Lily is not a skilled jumper, so I was quite surprised to see her smack dab in the middle of that pillow -- book-ended by breakable objects!

  You could tell this was a new feat as she caught a rare glimpse of herself in the mirror!

Not getteen down, Mom!

Nope, stayeen rite heer!

I know when I'm defeated. So I replaced the breakable objects with safe ones and in very short order, Lily was fast asleep, quite comfortable on the pillow I'd conveniently placed there just for her. Because I'm all about Lily's comfort, you know. :)

 SIGH. So much for decorating the bedroom!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Oh, I KNOW what you mean, Janet!!! Decorating with cats in the house can be quite challenging!! My husband bemoans the fact that we can't have the type of couches that he'd really like! Ha ha ha!!