17 February 2017

Feline Friday: Homemade Puzzles for Cats

My daughter sent me a link to an article with some fun homemade food puzzles for cats. If you're like me and have a kitty that gobbles her food, or if you're simply looking to add some mental stimulation to Kitty's day, then you'll find some great ideas HERE. Many of the puzzles can be made with items you may already have or would otherwise throw away.

Bailey tried the ice cube tray idea first. This one couldn't be easier! :) Little Rory thought about it for a bit, then went straight to it!

 So Lily and I tried it, too. The ice cube tray slows her down a bit.

Still, she's quite speedy at scooping out those tasty morsels. 

 I'm going to have to look into more complicated puzzles to make her really work for her food! :)

Thanks to Bailey for sharing this fun link!

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