05 January 2017

Christmas Decorating with Meaning: Part 3

Well, I had the best of intentions with this series of Christmas decorating posts...but other tasks got in the way.  Better late than never! In this third post, I'll share a few more of this year's Christmas decorations, all of which are meaningful to me for one reason or another!

This little deer is meaningful because I rescued him from a local Goodwill! I initially planned to sell him in my case at the antique mall, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Look how cute he is with that bow. Seriously!

This year I put a few things up in our bedroom, something I haven't done for quite some time. This was pretty easy because we have done absolutely no decorating since finishing our bedroom painting and carpet in November! I hung a couple of things on the wall, including this thrifted metal basket which is intended for cards. I just filled it with greenery to match a quilt I put at the foot of our bed.

I also framed and hung a piece of vintage-looking scrapbooking paper which I particularly liked.

I spray painted this small tree last summer (more about that in another post) and set it on a stool from my dad's garage, which I had initially intended to paint but didn't get around to doing. The wicker chair belonged to my grandma. Corner style wicker chairs are very unusual and while I'm not a huge fan of wicker, my mom and grandma wanted me to have it so of course it's special to me.

This embroidered baby quilt was made for me by my aunt. I have a few of my baby quilts handmade by family members which my mom saved over the years.

In the entry way, I have a small bookcase which I saved from my parents' house. I do not know where they got it but it works perfectly in our entry for seasonal decor. The book on the top shelf is one of many from my childhood, and the little jadeite and milk glass set belonged to my mom. Jadeite and milk glass are two of my favorite things!

I found the bottle brush trees at World Market this fall. I wanted to use them in conjunction with this wreath which belonged to my grandma. The mirror hangs right above the bookcase.

On the second shelf, I have a small set of books from my childhood and an awesome thrifted depression glass domed butter dish, one of my favorite finds ever. The jadeite "coaster" is actually a lid from a canister that I picked up for 49 cents (!!!) at a thrift store. Jadeite is notoriously expensive these days. I bought the lid with the intention of selling it on eBay at some point but this year, it was perfect in my bookcase!

On the bottom shelf I have a bowl of old Christmas light bulbs which came from my parents' house. I just love old bulbs, and these particular bulbs were used on one of our Christmas trees over the years. The cream-ware bowl is part of a set of three that belonged to my mom.

This little boot was originally filled with candy for my mom and her sister at Christmas. I found the candle in a box from my grandma's house and cleaned him up. He's pretty cute.

All of the items in this doll crib are special to me. The crib itself belonged to my mom. The bear is over 100 years old and belonged to my grandma (read more about him HERE). I found the little moose a few years ago when Spouse and I got stranded on my birthday as we were driving back from Indiana. There was a very nice Goodwill right next to our hotel, and this little guy was there waiting for me! The books and apples belonged to me as a child. The apples open up and contain tiny wooden dishes (more on that in a future post).
I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of these pictures. Perhaps they've evoked a memory or two. Do you decorate for the holidays with family heirlooms? I'd like to see your pictures!


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