20 January 2017

Feline Friday

 One morning this week, Lily gulped down her breakfast. I could tell by the look on her face that the meal wasn't going to end well, so I confined her to the laundry room -- away from carpet. 

Suffice it to say I was correct. A little while later, I opened the door to assess the damage and saw that it was ugly. So ugly, in fact, that Lily had jumped up on the counter to get away from it. :)

Just look at that face. 
The picture of innocence...NOT!

  But I knew the real reason Lily was up on the counter. After ever "URP" moment, Lily seeks out fabric to lick. It must provide a bit of comfort to settle her tummy. Usually she licks one of her blankies. This time, with her blankie unavailable, she chose the laundry that was hanging above the sink. 

Lucky Spouse! Lily chose his shirts to lick!
(Needless to say, those shirts were immediately re-laundered!)

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Kimberly Marie said...

Oh, boy! Yuck! I sure do wish cats didn't have such a knack for throwing up so often. I can always tell when any one of ours is going to throw up because they each have their own precursory noise. And I have to move quickly to keep little Romeo from rushing in... Ugh!! My husband is so funny when it comes to these odd fur baby behaviors ~ It's something apparently only I can handle! ☺