06 January 2017

Feline Friday: Rory's New Sweater

Our daughter was home over Christmas (loved every minute!) but Rory had to stay in Texas. Rory's cat sitter takes excellent care of her and even brought her treats on Christmas! But of course, Santa still left a few goodies for her because she has been SUCH A GOOD GIRL!

When Bailey got home, Rory enjoyed her own private Christmas!

 Spouse and I stopped by PetSmart before Christmas to give Santa a hand with his shopping and, to my surprise, he took an interest in picking out a new outfit for Rory! She has grown quite a bit since last Christmas and many of her outfits are getting a bit small. I suggested a sweater because those Texas winters can get cold (haha!), so he set out looking for something acceptable. 

I had to laugh because as Spouse combed the store, he was specifically looking for an outfit that would be long enough on Rory, properly covering her growing body. (It was a bit like a protective dad shopping for a not-too-short dress for his daughter!) We can't have any inappropriately dressed cats running around, you know! :)

After evaluating several options, Spouse selected this adorable cream cable-knit sweater which is plenty long to cover her bum and tummy.

It even has some sparkly gold threads which made it a PURR-fect choice for New Year's Eve! (I'm not sure she stayed awake for that but at least she looked cute!)

Here she is posing in the closet where Bailey stashed a soon-to-be opened birthday gift. Rory is just waiting for the empty box. :)

 Rory's fur is very short and she seems to be lacking a real undercoat, so no doubt she does get cold at this time of year. The new sweater covers her tummy and keeps her warm!

 The sweater is such a pretty color with her fur and eyes!

What a long neck we have, especially when there's a bird to watch outside! 

With her new longer sweater, our little Rory is surely the best dressed kitty in East Texas! :)


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