28 October 2016

Feline Friday with Rory

Rory, Daughter's kitty, is different than any cat I've known! She's spunky, goofy, and full of personality, and she's surely one of the sweetest furbabies around. Rory is a purr-fect example of why rescue kitties make wonderful companions!

Although she lives in Texas, I get pictures and videos of Rory all the time and they never fail to brighten my day! Here she is checking out the little Trick or Treat bag I sent along for her in a Halloween box. Look at that face! She seemed to like the treats that were inside. :)

 Although she's got very common brown tabby markings (just like Tinsel and cats all over the world), she is unique in her own right. Many tabbies have green eyes but hers are a beautiful gold. As you can see in the photo below, her feet are absolutely huge! She uses them to do some serious jumping. And her tail has an unexpected little kink in the tip. Although I know it is there, it always surprises me when I pet her!

 Rory's favorite viewing spot is this window sill. Luckily, it's just the right width for a kitty! From here, she can survey all comings and goings and watch for Daughter to come home. When she pulls into the parking lot, Rory can be seen at the window! Awww!

And of course, Rory loves her outfits. I've never had a kitty who would tolerate wearing clothes for very long -- let alone enjoy it! This came as a complete surprise to us when Daughter bought a Christmas t-shirt for Rory last year to do a quick photo shoot. To our surprise, the shirt seemed to relax her and she wore it all afternoon!

Now Rory has several outfits! Rory's a very active kitty so at bedtime, Daughter puts her in a t-shirt, sweater, or dress, and Rory settles down. It's like a Thundershirt, but for a fraction of the cost! :)

 Best of all, Rory brings joy to Daughter's life ever single day, and that makes this mama very happy! We love you, Rory!

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