18 October 2016

Bedroom Update: Painting Done

 I am pleased to report that the painting in the bedroom is officially done! We started this bedroom project back in March (I think), so it's good to have the most time-consuming steps finally finished.

Last week the contractor/carpenter replaced the trim around the windows.

 Then the painter came over and surveyed the job. We decided to have him repaint the crown molding and the baseboards since they still had original paint and were definitely showing their age.

 I'm so happy with how it turned out. The newly painted trim is so much fresher now and really highlights the windows.

Of course, it looks super bright in the bedroom because we have no blinds, which is a slight inconvenience. But I can wave to the neighbors from bed, which is something new. :)

The paint on the crown molding and baseboard had slightly yellowed and just looked tired. I'm glad we decided to have it painted.

After we order the carpet, it should arrive in about one month. In addition to carpeting this room, we'll be carpeting the closet (yikes...I have to unload and paint it first!) and two other bedrooms. We've picked out the blinds and once they're ordered, they should arrive in just a few days.

We are on the home stretch with this project. YAY for getting things done!

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