14 October 2016

Feline Friday

 While the contractor has been here this week, the girls have been hanging out in the basement. They're used to it (and trust me, they're not roughing it!) but they still like having access to the bedroom after the work day ends. 

After I let them back in the space, I immediately found Lily plotting how to get the treats out of the drawer of my nightstand. (Don't mind all the sawdust!) 

Tinsel was not impressed with Lily's antics. Listen in:

 Lily: Tinsul, I can dooo it! Giz me a minutt!

Okai, I no da treetz are in here! I use my sooper nose to smell dem!

Okai, now I just need to open dis drawer!

Tinsel: She's so annoying.

 Lily: I ALMOST GOT IT! I'm goeen in for da treetz! Hang on Tinsul!

Tinsel: Could she be any more irritating? Just ask Mom for treats, Lily. That would be much easier.

 Lily: No no no...I can do it!

Tinsel: This has become tiresome.

 Lily: MOM, can we haz sum treets?

 Of course, baby girl...since you asked so nicely! :)

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