21 October 2016

Feline Friday: Fall Fashions

It's Feline Friday, which makes it a PURR-fect time for a Fall Fashion preview!

Tinsel's new $2 clearance t-shirt fit her nicely....

...that is, until she tried to stand up. Because she actually couldn't stand up.

 This particular shirt apparently runs a bit smaller than marked. Instead of walking upright, Tinsel sort of SLINKED around the floor.

 Aerial view:
Naturally, Lily immediately took to taunting her. 
Yur waring a t-shurt! Yur waring a t-shurt!

 The too-small t-shirt was shipped off to Texas, where Rory tried it on for size. Oops, it's a little too small for her, too!

  Tinsel's next clearance t-shirt was much roomier -- actually a bit too large!

 Tinsel didn't seem to love it, but at least she could walk around a bit more comfortably. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly until Tinsel appeared back in the kitchen "naked", having removed her shirt and DROPPED IT IN THE LITTERBOX. 

Next stop: Lily! The shirt fit her quite nicely -- even a little snugly (ahem).

But she was still able to maneuver around in it.

Heck, she could even eat dinner in it, with (a little) room to spare!

Lily tolerated the shirt pretty well. She watched a bit of TV whilst sporting it.

This new fall fashion is a keeper!

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