13 October 2016

Bedroom Update: New Window Trim

We are continuing on with the very slow update of our master bedroom. It's been quite awhile since I've had an update, so you might thought I abandoned ship! If you'd like to see where we started with this room, this post will give you an idea. :) I'm sure hoping we can be done by Christmas, but I'm not holding my breath.

The contractor came back this week to replace the trim on our bedroom windows so that it matches the trim in the bathroom. This was something we weren't sure we were going to do, and I have to say I am SO HAPPY that we decided to make the change. I honestly can't believe what a difference it makes! Here, I'll show you....

BEFORE: Very skinny window trim and mini blinds:

 AFTER: The skinny trim has been replaced with a chunkier trim to match the bathroom:

Here's a good picture of the bathroom window. The contractor matched the trim design he created in the bathroom on the two corner windows in the bedroom.

As you can see, the trim has not yet been painted, but I already love how it looks.

With the chunkier trim, the windows have much more visual weight. They are more in proportion to the scale of the room and the furniture. They are so beautiful that I would never consider covering them up with curtains! 

 The next step will be to have the trim painted, then we will be replacing the carpet and installing cream/natural color roller shades like the shades we have in the bathroom.

Then it will be time to hang some things on the walls and decorate both the bedroom and the bathroom, as I have been waiting to finish both spaces before doing any sort of decorating. I am looking forward to wrapping up BOTH of these projects!  

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