04 November 2016

Feline Friday: Through the Week with Lily & Tinsel

 Wondering what Lily & Tinsel have been up to this week? Here's a peek!

Tinsel sported a Bath & Body works ribbon. She seems to like wearing ribbons around her neck. Every once in awhile I'll tie one in a bow. She looks especially cute that way.

 As usual, the girls kept up with their busy nap schedule. It's only taken 8+ years for them to nap side by side and it still doesn't happen very often! Here they are in the Reverse Croissant position.

 An hour later, they rotated. Synchronized Napping!

  Lily was intrigued by the liquid supplies for Spouse's new whiskey distilling operation. (The girls in the house do not participate in this!)

 A very short cold snap (below 70 degrees!) meant that the girls spent quite a bit of time swaddled in their blankets. This time, Tinsel was under the blanket and Lily was on top of it. She was actually TOUCHING Tinsel -- but through the fabric! SHOCKING!

 When cleaning out the closet, I found my mom's crocheted afghan which I'd had dry cleaned three years ago and forgotten about. One night this week, Tinsel spent quite a bit of time testing it while on my lap. It still works! :) (The bedroom still looks a mess but we will be finishing it up in the next couple of weeks!)

 Of course, Tinsel spent a little time sitting in a box. Any box is fair game, even a tiny box. :)

And although we never watch sports (other than Indiana Hoosiers basketball), Lily and I watched the Cubs games. Lily watched from the comfort of her furry basket positioned next to me on the couch. Turns out baseball isn't really her thing. But naps? Naps are her thing. :)

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Kimberly Marie said...

Hi Janet! Your Feline Fridays are always the highlight of my day - you do such clever posts with the kitties!! Rory is a doll, too! Glad your bedroom and closet makeovers are coming along well. Isn't it amazing how much time it takes to renovate and then get things back to normal?!