13 November 2016

DIY Scarf Holder with Shower Curtain Rings

As we finish up our bedroom decor update, I've also been tackling the closet. I used to just randomly drape my scarves around the shelving. But in re-organizing the closet, I decided that my previous scarf situation just made the space look messy:

So I started looking for a scarf organizer. I eventually settled on this one from Target:

But when I loaded up the scarves, I didn't like how they ended up layered over the top of each other. This made the hanger quite a bit thicker than I anticipated it would be, making it take up more space in the small area where I wanted to hang it.

So I turned to Pinterest and found a few ideas for making your own scarf hanger using inexpensive shower curtain rings. On a Goodwill run, I happened to find 2 rolls of brand new rings for just 99 cents each so figured it was at least worth a shot!

 The first option was to just hook the rings on a hanger, filling the hanger full enough so that the rings don't slide around. Well, that didn't work for me as I wanted separate my scarves into two different color families, so there weren't enough scarves on the hanger to prevent sliding.


Of course, I'm not the only person who couldn't deal with those sliding rings, so some clever DIY people came up with the idea of positioning the rings across the hanger and duct-taping them together. You could make a scarf hanger with as many rings as you want using this method, but I only wanted one row so the scarves would not overlap.

It's easy to make a scarf hanger like this. Just cut a piece of duct tape about four inches long, cut a slit in the center of one end and tear the piece in two. (Duct tape is designed to tear straight -- don't try to cut it as you'll never get it straight!) Wrap these duct tape pieces around the shower rings to attach them to the hanger. Next you'll need to tape the rings to each other. For this step, I cut two slits in the four-inch duct tape strips, then tore the duct tape in three pieces to create slightly narrower strips. Be sure to squeeze the duct tape tightly so that it doesn't pull loose on the ends.

My first scarf hanger turned out pretty well and the scarves hang just the way I want them to, in a single row/layer.

Once I got the hang of wrapping the duct tape and keeping it straight, my second hanger turned out even better.

I hung the scarf hangers in the area of the closet next to my dresses and they don't take up much room at all. It's easy to remove a scarf and put it right back in place when done.

Time will tell, but I think this easy DIY scarf hanger will be a good solution for me! 

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Kimberly Marie said...

I LOVE this idea, Janet! Pinterest has so many wonderful ideas and solutions to just about anything you want to do!