02 September 2016

Feline Friday: Bathroom Battles

My apologies for the lack of blog posts in recent weeks. 
I should be back to more blogging soon!

 Not too long ago, I shared that Tinsel is my daily Bathroom Buddy, nearly always sitting on the counter while I get ready for the day. Of course she receives lots of attention during this time, including plenty of scritches and conversation. It's strangely the only time she's social, so I have to make the most of it!

But Lily, ever the "annoying little sister", knows where the action is and often infringes on Tinsel's fun. Look at Tinsel's expression as she notices Lily has jumped up on the counter! NOT HER AGAIN! she's thinking!

Tinsel turns to Lily to give her a pointed "get off of my counter" stare. 

Lily turns slightly, as if she's going to move away, but Tinsel is clearly annoyed. Look at her ears in the mirror!

The usual scenario would be for Tinsel to leave and Lily to weasel into her place, but on this day the normally meek and mild Tinsel turns and swipes at Lily! (Tinsel was front-declawed when we adopted her, so no worries about injury!) Check out Lily's ears, as she is clearly surprised by this move! WHOA, DUDE!

But Lily fears nothing and braces herself for the spat. She secretly celebrates her victory as Tinsel hops down and runs away.

Immediately after this, Lily also hops down, sauntering away to find a sunny patch of carpet for a nap. The truth is that Lily doesn't ever want to be on the counter. She just doesn't want Tinsel to get all the attention! :)

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