18 September 2016

Giant Cat!

Our neighbor kitty has been a frequent visitor of late. HE IS AWESOME. Such a friendly kitty.

The girls have decided they don't want a boyfriend right now :) so whenever I see him, I spend time chatting with him. He's easy to entertain!

 But he is GIANT! The above photos don't show his size, so I added my foot for scale. My feet are of average size. Look how long his body is! I'd guess he weighs close to 20 pounds. He is a giant cat!
He has a good home right across the street, but I'm happy when he makes his way over to visit us. He is welcome any time!


Kimberly Marie said...

He's just beautiful! Our Checkers is black and white also, and I just love the "tuxedo" look that has. :)

Machelle Willing said...

What a pretty kitty! We also have a neighbor cat that likes to visit us. Our cats are not impressed that he gets to roam around outside & they do not. 😀