29 September 2016

Mojo Helpers: Recent Papercrafting Projects

Do you ever feel kind of blah? I have lately, and my lack of blogging is evidence of that. It's not that I have nothing to blog about -- trust me, I have plenty! -- but I just haven't really felt like it. Blogging mojo ebbs and flows, you know.

Paper crafting mojo ebbs and flows, too. Sometimes I feel like I use up all of my creative mojo for classes and I'm too tired for personal crafting! But once I carve out a little time for myself, I can generally get the crafting mojo back pretty quickly. :)

Today I thought I'd share a few paper crafting projects I've made lately. Simple projects, nothing too exciting, but sometimes those are the best projects to help you get your paper crafting mojo back!

I recently made a set of thank you cards for my daughter to use for parents and students during the school year. The plaid paper matches her school colors.

 The cards were really simple, some with inside messages, some blank. And of course I used my favorite Wink of Stella shimmer pen. I'm not a bling-y person, so this pen adds just the right amount of sparkle.

I bundled up the cards and envelopes with a ribbon and sent them off. I hope she finds them useful this year! If not, I'll be taking them back for myself! :)

While I was at it, I made a double-pocket card for Daughter in a matching color scheme based on a card from one of my recent classes. In this case, I slipped gift cards into the pockets (lucky her!). This card is made from an 8x12 sheet of patterned paper, folded in quite a fun fashion! I think this is one of my favorite folds ever.

Here's the original card which was done in a Thanksgiving theme. Sheesh, it's not even October yet and I've already taught Thanksgiving cards. No wonder I never know what month it is! :) Anyway, this card included two message "pull-outs" in the pockets.

 Continuing with my recent plaid theme, I used up some plaid paper on these gifts for Daughter's boyfriend. I wrapped the box with kraft paper, then just cut the 12x12 plaid paper into strips to use for the trim. Pretty easy and a good way to fancy up a package for a guy...without being TOO fancy, of course.

And here's one more plaid project (are you sensing a theme here???) -- a baby card and matching bookmark.

I used laminating sheets to cover the front and the back, then finished it off with a handmade tassel. I enjoyed making the tassel but need to perfect my tassel-making skills! Cats may or may not have contributed to my issues...

 Here's another card and gift bag I recently made for a friend. The color scheme for the card and bag were inspired by the coloring book I gave her. The bag was the perfect size for a box of colored pencils.

 Hope these paper crafting projects have provided a tiny bit of inspiration for anyone who may be feeling a little blah. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of time at the craft table to brighten the spirits and re-start that mojo!

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