16 September 2016

Feline Friday: Nature Watching

Our two kitties love watching nature...ON NETFLIX!

Tinsel especially recommends Flight of the Butterflies, a documentary of the annual migration of monarch butterflies. I highly recommend this, too! What an amazing process.

Lily recommends Wild Madagascar. This documentary focuses on the many kinds of lemurs that make the island their home.

She was impressed with how some lemurs spend all of their time jumping from tree to tree, and when they do spend time on the ground, all they can do is hop!

 Now this might actually be a squirrel. :) Lily is also impressed with squirrels. She would give squirrels a THUMBS UP...if she had thumbs!

Oh, and this is a bug. Lily highly recommends bugs, too.

 Heck, Lily recommends most anything with animals on Netflix! Enjoy some "nature watching" with your kitties this weekend!

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