26 August 2016

Feline Friday: Anything for a Treat!

 I've created a monster. 

Actually two monsters. 

I've started giving the girls treats at bedtime. They know that I keep a small stash in my nightstand drawer, and now they wait at my bedside each night!  If you ask me, it's very sweet. Just don't ask Spouse for his opinion on the matter! :)

In order for Tinsel to have her treats in peace, I have to fling Lily's treats across the (still-messy-because-we're-not-finished-with-the-space) bedroom. While Tinsel daintily nibbles her treat, Lily runs, jumps, and dives for hers, wherever they may land. It's more movement than you see from Lily on most days!

  I watched while a treat rolled under the cedar chest, and Lily managed to flatten her ample body enough to fetch it. Her back legs were in full SPLOOT position! :)
Anything for a treat!