19 August 2016

Feline Friday: Expensive Cat Basket

 Lily has recently taken to hanging out a LOT in her Expensive Cat Basket. I bought this basket out of Extreme Guilt at the last (ever) cat show Lily attended when it became abundantly clear that she wasn't happy to be there. Kinda like a parent who buys their child a treat to keep her happy while they're out doing something the child doesn't want to do. So when you count the entrance fees and all the other paraphernalia that went along with that cat show experience -- plus the cost of the basket -- it was indeed expensive!

 But it suits her so well! Tinsel occasionally gets to nap in it, but only if she's sneaky about it.

It's Lily's basket. She worked hard (ahem) for her cat basket and deserves to lounge in it.
 If you're not familiar with the story, you really should read about it HERE. :) You may find it hard to believe that the sweet little thing working her angles in these photos is indeed the same feline who participated in that dreaded cat show! Now, many years later, I'm glad we have the Expensive Cat Basket to show for it!

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