31 January 2016

This Fruitcake

 If I see fruitcake at a holiday gathering or any other place out in the wild, I will not eat it. I'm actually afraid of most fruitcake, especially fruitcake with GREEN bits in it. There is only one fruitcake I will eat, and it is surely one of the most delicious treats in all the world: Trappist Abbey (not Downton Abbey!) Monastery Fruitcake.

I've long been smitten with this fruitcake, so much that I've blogged about it on a few occasions. My late grandma used to purchase these fruitcakes from a catalog at Christmas. For years, I watched perplexed as my grandma, mom, and aunt swooned over them each holiday. Then one year I finally took a nibble. Oh, my. It was LOVE.

Then at some point (this was back in the dark ages before the internet) the catalog stopped carrying the fruitcakes, so we no longer enjoyed them at Christmas. Life happened, and I kind of forgot about them. Finally a few years back, something triggered a fruitcake memory and a quick internet search yielded GOLD. The fruitcakes were still out there and available for purchase, shipped straight to my door/mouth! :)

The fruitcake comes in a small square box (a larger size is also available but would be even more devastating to the fitness plan!) and measures approximately 4x4x4. You can see how much of my fruitcake I've eaten so far this holiday season! 

This is a very dark, dense fruitcake with none of those scary green bits. It's loaded with pecans and other treasures. And this one is all mine until it is gone. :)
Until next year, Monastery Fruitcake!

1 comment:

Kimberly Marie said...

Looks good! I'm a fruitcake fan, too, but it has to be the right kind of variety or I don't care for the "off" taste!