23 January 2016

Rosemary in the Air

 Over the summer, I kept a few different herbs in small pots on the patio, including a small container of rosemary. When it was time for fall clean-up, my rosemary plant was still going strong so I decided to take it inside. I had read online that rosemary is difficult to keep indoors, so I didn't hold out much hope for it.

But it's now January and my rosemary plant is not only still alive -- it's thriving! I've been watering it every couple of weeks, not letting it dry out too much. I keep it in a sunny window and don't pay too much attention to it!

 I love the scent and taste of rosemary, but I don't use it much in cooking because Spouse doesn't care for it. He doesn't mind its juniper-like scent, so one day I cut off a few sprigs and put them in my small crock pot with some water. I added a bit of lemon juice and let it simmer with the lid off.

What a wonderful, fresh scent! I'm really glad this little rosemary plant is still alive and well. I hope it lasts through the winter, even if I only use it for aromatherapy! :)


Kimberly Marie said...

How lovely! I love anything green indoors in the winter....

Heather said...

What a great idea! We have a rosemary plant too, but I only have a few things I use it in when cooking. I might have to simmer some as well.

Kristina said...

My rosemary on our deck lasted until just a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe it! Yours looks great! I have a Basil plant growing in a pot behind my corner sink that going good (I even started another small one from the leaves) because I love Bruschetta and you can only have fresh basil for that. :) Wish I could grow tomatoes inside without a greenhouse operation...lol