25 January 2016

Recipe: Penzeys Northwoods Chicken Stew

Note for those who are punctuation-sensitive, like me: "Penzeys" does not have an apostrophe! Trust me, I checked multiple times. :)

Today's recipe for Northwoods Chicken Stew is one I've made many times over the years but for some reason have not shared! I found this recipe in a Penzeys Spices catalog a few years back. In addition to the word "Northwoods" in the title which just makes you feel all warm and cabin-y, this is a delicious winter stew. It makes a LOT, so you'll have plenty for leftovers or for freezing.

As usual, I mixed it all up early in the day and let it simmer for a few hours in the crock pot. I really like not having to worry about dinner at the last minute! As it turned out, it snowed this afternoon, making this a perfect recipe for chilly evening!

I love Penzeys Spices. We're lucky to have a store in our area, and I enjoy going inside just for the wonderful aromas. Beyond that, their spices are always great. You can find anything you might need there, from many varieties of cinnamon to wonderful spice blends like the Northwoods Seasoning which is used in this recipe. While you're visiting Penzeys, you can also pick up a free catalog and recipes. Over the years, I've made several recipes from the Penzeys catalog and have always found them to be wonderful!
The last time I was at Penzeys, I bought some Indian spice blends and a big bag of Northwoods Seasoning, almost enough to fill this bottle! Northwoods Seasoning is a blend of paprika, black pepper, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and ground chipotle pepper. It has just a little bit of kick but not too much.

 If you don't have a Penzeys store in your area, definitely check out the website for many great spices and spice blends as well as yummy recipe ideas!

I cannot find this recipe on the Penzeys website (go figure!) but I did find it HERE if you prefer an online source. 

Northwoods Chicken Stew
Source: Penzeys Spices

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