08 January 2016

Feline Friday: Tinsel Wears a Dress

 Bailey's kitty, Rory, had to stay in Texas over Christmas, but Santa didn't forget her! He brought three new outfits to her in Iowa -- two dresses and a sweater!

Since we didn't have Rory to dress, we had Tinsel model the new clothes. Tinsel has never tolerated being dressed, so we were quite amazed when she kept Rory's new school dress on for a few hours! We wondered if the dress was having the same "Thundershirt" type effect on her! As you can see, Tinsel does not look pleased, but she's still relaxed enough to tuck her paws under her chest!

 But the most incredible part of the day was that Tinsel (for pretty much the first time in 14+ years) allowed Bailey to hold her while she wore the dress!

It was almost like she was in a trance!

  It was so nice for Bailey to be able to hold Tinsel. Nobody gets that opportunity!

After awhile, we took the dress off and Tinsel went back to her normal skittish, aloof self. But it was sure fun while it lasted!