18 December 2015

Feline Friday: Elf in Training

When visiting our daughter in Texas, we stopped by a discount store. I can't even remember what we were looking for, but Bailey found a cute little "Elf in Training" dog t-shirt and decided to buy it for Rory. We were hoping she would keep it on long enough for a quick photo shoot.

To our surprise, Rory LOVES her t-shirt! She has worn it DAY and NIGHT since then! Interestingly, the t-shirt has sort of a calming effect on her, almost like a Thundershirt. Although Bailey doesn't allow her to wear it unattended, she reports that Rory often sleeps in it...just like jammies!

Having dressed a LOT of cats in my lifetime (not sure what that says about me...), this came as a complete surprise to me. Most cats either struggle to remove the clothes or just flop on the floor as if they're paralyzed. Not this girl! She ran and played and did all of her normal Rory things while stylishly dressed!

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

She even posed on her scratcher with her little elbows out. My head nearly exploded from the cuteness!

So we grabbed a rug and put it behind her, so she could have a "First Day of School" type picture!

Since the t-shirt is seasonal, Bailey also picked up an adorable motorcycle sweater for Rory which she wears for variety. :)

We love our little Elf in Training!


Kimberly Marie said...

Love, love, love it!!!! Rory certainly is a photogenic little kitty who loves to wear her t-shirt! I'm surprised, too, that she doesn't mind running around in it. Cats are such finicky creatures most of the time!! My son had a sweet, gentle, very laid back kitty when he was small. She took all kinds of "abuse", but loved it! One time he even put her in a puddle (I don't know about you, but I've never known one cat who likes to sit in water!) because he said she "needed a bath"!! That beautiful cat just sat there, then got up and slowly sauntered away. Bath time was done! Lol!!

Kristina said...

That's awesome! and oh so cute!