27 December 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Wallpaper, Lighting, & More

 Our bathroom project is almost complete, and in the next few posts I will share the "final" pictures of this process. I'm completely happy with how everything has turned out...so much that I think I will be moving into the bathroom! :)

After the painting was done, the protective kraft paper was removed from the floor. This was the first time I was able to really see how the tile and the wainscoting would work together. WHEW...I really do love it! At one point I was concerned that the tile and wainscoting would be too close to the same color, but that's not the case. There's a nice contrast between the two, and now that the dark wallpaper is in place, I'm even happier with the colors.

 Here you can see a good expanse of the tile against the wainscoting. I am really amazed at how much warmth and character wainscoting adds to a room.

Another exciting step in the process was when the doors and drawers were added to the cabinet. YAY! Next came the handles and drawer pulls that I picked out a few weeks ago.

We chose a walnut cabinet to match our bedroom furniture. While the wood is more traditional, the design of the cabinet is more modern, which I guess makes this a "transitional" piece. Transitional design incorporates some traditional and some modern elements.

The mirror frames were made to match the cabinet. Here you can see them being installed.

   We had some of our existing doors repainted because they had become scuffed up over the years. As we put the doors back up, we changed out the hardware to oil-rubbed bronze.

One of the hardest parts of this project was finding light fixtures to match the faucets. Turns out there are many different definitions of "oil-rubbed bronze". When I finally found a product line to match the Delta faucets, there were only two or three sconce design options available. The other hard part was finding shades in a shape I liked which would also match our color scheme. The sconces I chose came with white shades which obviously did not match. I brought home several different options before setting on these shades from Lowe's.

Now that everything has been installed, I do like the sconces. It just took awhile to get used to a different design than I'd envisioned in my head!

 Spouse is continuing on his wallpaper journey, nearing the finish line. It's been a slow and tedious process!

This wallpaper has a slight texture and it seems to be like a magnet for wallpaper paste! After it dries, the glue has to be painstakingly rubbed away. Here you can see the texture -- and some of the glue! 

 Thanks for following along with this process! I hope you'll check back in the coming days for more installments in this remodeling adventure!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Looking very good, Janet! Really like the contrast of the dark wallpaper and white wainscoting. Tile and everything looks great together, too!