26 December 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Paint, Fixtures, and Wallpaper

The bathroom project is wrapping up, and I've got lots of exciting progress to report! Other than finishing the wallpaper (go, Spouse, go!), we are nearly done with this project!

First, we had a few days of painting woodwork and wainscoting.The contractor did a fantastic job with the woodwork and the painters were incredibly meticulous. We are so pleased with all of their work.

Remember that corner light fixture from Lowe's? I decided to keep it! Looks even better with light bulbs in it! :)

 The counter was outfitted with boards to create another work surface. I think I'll hang onto those boards so I can do some crafting in the bathroom!

After the painting was finished, the faucets were installed. Yay!

Finally we were ready for wallpaper. Here's Spouse just getting started. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." :)

I loved the wallpaper from the minute he put up the first piece! Spouse is a very good wallpaper-putter-upper and has been doing a great job.
Thanks for following along on this project with me. Watch for final "after" pictures in the coming days. :)

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