31 December 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Mirrors, Hardware, & Window Shades

Our bathroom project is almost done! 
I know I've been saying that for awhile now, but we put the wallpapering on hold while our daughter was home for Christmas. There are just a few more strips to be hung, but it's a tedious process and each piece takes quite a bit of time to hang. In the meantime, I'll share some pictures of other parts of the project that are finished!

The shower has been complete for awhile (this is an old picture below), but we just started using it a few days ago. Before using the shower, the glass guys suggested spraying the doors with Rain-X water repellent and purchasing a squeegee to wipe them down after each use. So far, it's been working great and the doors still look very clean!

 Both Lily and Tinsel are curious about the new shower situation. Lily is sort of terrified of the drain. :)

 While Bailey was home, we picked out towel bars and hooks for the bathroom. We tried to think about where we needed such items without having to drill too many holes in the beautiful wainscoting. We'll have to live with the space for awhile to see if we have all the towel bars we need.  

 I looked on Pinterest and noticed that a lot of folks with wainscoting use hooks. I really liked the look and practicality of hooks, so we had to contractor attach three to the wall behind the shower. So far, the hooks are getting the most use!
I've been slowly evaluating, cleaning, and bringing items back into the bathroom. It's sort of amazing how much stuff (JUNK) was in this closet and stashed in the previous cabinet. I'm only bringing back what we need and use. I put shelf-liner in the drawers and cupboards of the new cabinets and am working slowly on the closet. When I'm done with the closet, I want it to be organized and pleasing to see when we open the door -- not like the mess it was before the remodel!
Note for anyone doing a remodeling project: MOVE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE ROOM. I left most of the items in the closet, thinking the door would be closed most of the time. That was a bad decision, because EVERYTHING BECAME COATED IN DUST. When I finally decided to completely unload the closet, I found myself moving dusty stuff into other areas of the house for temporary storage. Not good!

The mirrors were one of the final pieces to be installed. The contractor and I worked together to design them in a style that would match the cabinet. I love how they turned out!

As you can see, there is a contrast between the wood and the wallpaper. I obviously knew that would be the case and chose the wallpaper because I like how it looks with the wood but I'm sure some people would say that the two do not match. I think the two browns work well together -- it's like milk chocolate and dark chocolate -- and I definitely did not want the decor to feel too "matchy matchy". I hope to bring a print (fabric or artwork) into the room somewhere to bring the two shades of brown together.

 We also decided to get rid of the old mini-blinds (so hard to keep clean!) and replace them with traditional roller shades. I am thrilled with how easy they are to use, and I love how they look! You can see how they look rolled up in the photo below. Don't mind the construction mess!

 The shades coordinate really nicely with the browns in the room. When the light shines through (as in this picture), they do turn a very slight purplish color which I don't mind but hadn't anticipated. For the most part, the shades will be up during the day, so this is not a concern. We purchased "reverse roll" shades so that you only see the brown shade color, not the rolled up white back-side of the shades. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but it was definitely the right choice!

 Thanks for following along with this project! Time permitting, we'll finish up the wallpaper in the next few days and officially move back into the bathroom! I'm anxious to put our house back together! :)


Kimberly Marie said...

Everything looks amazingly beautiful, Janet! I can feel your anticipation and excitement with getting a "fresh start" in your lovely, new bathroom! We have hooks behind our door for shower towels, and by far, they're used the most! Previously, we some contraption that was a series of 3 bars from top to bottom, and quite honestly, that thing was kind of a pain because you had to work the towels through the openings to drape them over the bars. I think the varying browns between your mirror frames and wallpaper look just fine - and even the window shades! They have so many uniquely thought out things nowadays, like what you learned about your reverse. I never knew that, either! Happy 2016, and I hope you enjoy your fabulously redone bathroom for years to come!

Kristina said...

It's looking great!

Janet said...

Thank you, ladies! I'm very happy with the project...anxious to finish it up!