12 December 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Ready for Paint

This is a milestone week in the bathroom remodeling project: The woodwork is DONE and the painters are getting started! In this part of the project, the wainscoting, doors, and trim woodwork will be painted a cream color, and the ceiling will also be repainted.

  What's that in the corner? Rolls of kraft paper! I had no idea that painters use kraft paper, one of my very favorite things!

As you can see, the painters are covering the floor with that beautiful kraft paper to protect it from spray. (Of course, I'm thinking of all the other wonderful things I could do with it in the craft room!) I've learned that there's a LOT of prep that goes into painting. It will probably take longer to do the prep than to do the actual painting! 

 Here you can see how the wainscoting looks now that it is completely done. The contractor did a fantastic job with the design, and his workmanship is truly top-notch.
I gave the contractor this Pinterest picture which served as the inspiration for the wainscoting and the window/door trim. After it is painted, it will look nearly identical to this photo! 

  In addition to the wainscoting, the trim around the doors and windows was removed and re-worked to match. At first I thought we could keep the original trim but it did not work with the design or scale of the wainscoting. Now all the windows and doors have a bit more "chunky" trim.

 Here's what we started with:

Here's what it looks like now:

 Here are the corner windows before we started:

Here's what it looks like now, without the big tub. The space feels much more open now. You can see how the window trim had to be re-worked to fit "into" the wainscoting.

When the painting is done, we'll be ready to start covering the green wallpaper with the new textured brown wallpaper. We'll be starting that part of the process next week. Then we'll be on the home stretch!

Will we get done in time for Christmas? I sure hope so!
Thanks for following along with me!


Kimberly Marie said...

Janet, I love your inspiration photo, and how beautifully the contractor matched your bathroom woodwork to it! I really like the new trim around your windows, and the wainscoting adds such a marvelous look to the entire room. Yes, as we recently found out ourselves with painting projects, the prep is such a big and important step! The painting itself happened fast. So happy you're enjoying seeing the transformation in your bathroom remodel!

Lisa Damman said...

How exciting! This is going to be a fantastic transformation. You are going to want to live in there and never leave! Can't wait to see when it's finished. I may need the name of your contractor.