05 November 2015

More Fun with Spray Paint

 It's no secret that I love spray paint! We've transformed lots of things in our house with spray paint. I recently painted a few more items, including these very neglected brass candlesticks and small easels.

I got the candlesticks at least 20 years ago at one of those home decor parties. But because they are shiny brass and don't match our decor, they haven't been used in a very, very long time. Since I still like the shape of the candlesticks, I decided to keep them and just change the color.

 I had a bit of my favorite spray paint left so on a recent warm day, I spent a few minutes giving them new life.

With a few quick coats, the easels and the candlesticks were looking much better!

I love how they turned out and now I know I'll use them!

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