30 November 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Update

It's been awhile since I've posted an update on our bathroom remodel. It's going well and we hope to have the project wrapped up by Christmas. 

The wainscoting is almost done (just missing the top "cap" and the bottom trim board) and looks fabulous. It adds character and works really nicely with the floor tile.

Once it's completely done, the wainscoting will be painted an off-white/cream color to match our doors and other woodwork.

Now use your imagination and see if you can envision the brown wallpaper shown below covering the remainder of the green wallpaper. As soon as the painting is done, Spouse and I will be hanging the wallpaper.

In this photo you can see how the trim around the windows has been removed and re-worked to match the wainscoting. The same thing is happening with the trim around all the doors in the room. 

In this photo, you can also see that the new cabinet has now been installed. It is the same length as our old counter but quite a bit taller. The counter top will be installed in a few days. I'm very excited to see it in place, as the countertop is one of my favorite things about this project!

As you can see in the photo below, the cabinet is walnut, which matches the antique furniture we have in our bedroom. I picked out hardware for the cabinet last week, a task that was much more difficult than I anticipated! After too much deliberation, I went with the options that first caught my eye, knowing I can always replace the hardware later if I really end up hating it.

The corner light turned out to be another tricky part of this project. I've been on the lookout for a decorative light fixture for this part of the room, but it has been hard to find something that would work. I really wanted a hanging pendant, but because there will likely be an ottoman below it, the light fixture cannot hang down too far or we'll hit our heads on it. I'm not a fan of flush-mount fixtures, so as a compromise I started looking for "semi-flush-mount" options. This is the fixture I purchased, shown temporarily hanging up to see if I liked it enough to keep it.

I haven't returned it yet, so at this point I think it will be staying!
Thanks for following along with our bathroom remodel! I will share more photos in December as we wrap up this project and move on to the next one!


Kimberly Marie said...

Yes, I can imagine the brown wallpaper on the walls, and I think it'll look so nice with the cream wainscoting! Everything is coming along beautifully. I really like the rich look of the walnut for your cabinet, and will look forward to the seeing the finished result once the counter top is installed as well. I think your semi-flush mounted light fixture is a wonderful choice! I'm sure you'll really enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new bathroom once it's complete! Looking forward to your December pictures. :)

Jill Morgenstern said...

Oh I like the tile!