03 November 2015

Glass Table Top!

When I set up my craft room a few years ago, I purchased this high black table. I love the table and use it all the time, but it gets very tedious scraping adhesive off of the painted surface. I planned to have a glass top cut for it but hadn't managed to get that done...until last month! As it turned out, the company we used to make shower doors for our bathroom project is the same company that cut glass for our dining room table a few years ago. So while they were measuring for the shower doors, I asked them to measure my table, too!

When they installed the new shower doors last week, they brought along my new table top. Secretly (well, not so secretly), I was more excited about the table than the doors. I love the new work surface, and it is much easier to just spray the glass with an all-purpose cleaner than to scrape adhesive from the painted table!

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