20 November 2015

Feline Friday with Rory

 Bailey's kitty Rory is quickly taking over her apartment! She's got all kinds of fun toys -- even more than our kitties! -- plus a brand new cat tree!

 I love it when Bailey texts me cute photos like this:

 Look at those beautiful gold eyes! Tinsel has green eyes, so those gold eyes always take me a bit by surprise. AND LOOK AT THOSE EARS! I think Rory still has some growing to do, but the vet thinks she'll stay on the small side.

  Maybe she'll just have over-sized ears. They just add to her extreme cuteness!


Kristina said...

Very cute!

Judy Albritton said...

Rory is adorable. I'm sure Bailey is loving having a furry friend to come home to.

Janet said...

Thank you! She is super cute! Love having a new kitty in the family! :)