13 November 2015

Feline Friday: Cat on Couch!

 I recently texted this photo to Bailey:

Her reply: What? Tinsel's on the couch?

This may seem like an ordinary sort of photo but to us, it's quite unusual! In the 14 or so years we've had Tinsel, she has NEVER sat directly on the furniture. Sure, she will perch on the back of the couch to look out the window -- but lie directly on the cushions, FUR TOUCHING UPHOLSTERY? NEVER!

This event was so unusual that it even attracted the attention of Lily, who has no issues with sleeping on the furniture (or anywhere else, for that matter). "Whoa, Mom! Come look at this!"
It's shocking, I know, Lily! Don't worry, it will probably never happen again!

Happy Feline Friday! 
Hope you get to lie on the couch today! :) 

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