30 April 2015

Big Dreams Accomplished!

Blogging friends, my apologies for the continued lack of posts! We have been out of town visiting our daughter who is just finishing up her student teaching assignment. Last week we had the opportunity to attend two performances in which she conducted one of the bands she has been working with over the course of the semester.

As I sat in the auditorium waiting for the concert to start, it struck me that we were about to see the culmination of five years of preparation -- with goals that were formed long before that. I thought back to our daughter's 5th grade year when she started elementary band. From that point on, she wanted to be a band director. She never wavered from that goal, and now it is becoming a reality!

From the minute she took the podium, I could hardly believe my eyes -- or ears! She looked so comfortable and poised that one never would have guessed this was her first concert. I know how hard she has worked to bring out the best in her students, and it showed!
 We're coming to the end of Bailey's college years, and I'm a bundle of emotions about this transition. It's a big change to see her conducting a group rather than performing in one. But this next phase in her life promises to be every bit as fun and exciting as the previous stages, and we're looking forward to watching her grow and develop into an outstanding band director. I truly believe she has found her calling, and I can't wait to watch her future unfold!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Aw, I can understand where you're coming from as a Mom, but yes, how wonderful a journey that lies ahead for Bailey! She DOES look very poised and professional, yet so comfortable. All the very best to her!