02 January 2015

Feline Friday: Cat Dad in the Making

 I've been out of town for a few days helping Bailey move to her new apartment for student teaching. Years ago, I traveled for business all the time but these days when I go somewhere, Spouse and I go together and we have a cat sitter come to the house. This time, Spouse (who is the complete opposite of a cat person) stayed home to work and cared for the kitties himself! This is not the first time he has played cat sitter, but it was definitely the longest! And I'm happy to report that everyone (including Spouse) is still alive!

He even texted me pictures to prove that the kitties were doing fine! Tinsel ate pretty well for most of the time, which is a big deal with her waxing and waning appetite.

 I had hoped that he would let Lily onto his lap but there is no way he would do that. He did, however, text me this picture showing a slight amount of interaction with Lily. He put morsels of her food on a plate for her to scoop off with her paw. I realize it was staged for me, but it's still progress! I am hoping that one day he might actually pet her!

Then he sent me this beautiful photo which he called "A Star in Her Spotlight". Awww!
I think we might have a Cat Dad in the making! Is that too much to wish for? :)


The Smart One said...

A job well done doesn't necessarily reflect a passion for said job. :D

Janet said...

haha Very funny, Cat Dad in the Making! :)

Kimberly Marie said...

Aw, I think it definitely shows promise! And truth be told, even though my spouse is quite the same, you should hear him talking and crooning to the animals when he thinks no one is listening!! LOL!!

Sarah Coggins said...

Love that he texted you photos of your fur-babies while you were gone! Job well done there.