23 January 2015

Feline Friday: Where's Lily Now?

You never know where you'll find Lily! This week I caught her yet again in the dryer, a very naughty and dangerous place for kitties! You'd think after getting trapped in the dryer years ago (it wasn't running but the door was closed) she'd avoid it, but I guess the warmth is just too appealing. Now I watch her carefully in the laundry room and was right there to see her fascination with the dryer. I let her stay in there long enough for a picture!

The other odd place she's been lately is the carrier! I took Tinsel to the vet last week for her check-up and as soon as I got home, Lily climbed in the carrier. She's been napping in there ever since, so I haven't even put it away. You'd think the carrier would have a negative association for her since we only use it when going to the vet, but I guess it also appeals as a warm and cozy napping place!
Here's to warm and cozy places to nap, wherever you find them! :)


Heather said...

Our Skittles napped in the carrier pretty frequently after her last trip to the vet, so I waited a while before putting it away. I felt the same way and thought it was odd that she liked it in there, given where it took her last time!

Kristina said...

We have baskets and various boxes laying around because one of them loves using them for their naps.