08 January 2015

Putting Away Christmas...UGH!

 PLEASE...Someone come over quickly and put all of this stuff away! It's so much fun to get out all the Christmas decorations, but not fun AT ALL to box them up!

I'm running way behind packing up Christmas this year, and it's making me a little crazy. That's because I left the day after Christmas to go to Indiana with Bailey to help her move to her new apartment and I got home on New Year's Eve. Then I jumped head on into prep for classes. So today was the first chance I've had to start taking everything down. Not good, people!

At least I have labeled boxes so most everything has a specific place, so that makes putting things away a tiny bit better. Last year I spent considerable time working on that big project. I had just finished sorting through the contents of my parents' house and was bemoaning the fact that my mom had left me only a little bit of information about household mementos, making it very hard to discern what to keep and what to part with. So as I put away my own decorations last year, I wrote little descriptions and tucked them into the boxes, just in case I get hit by a donut truck. Bailey saw some of my notes over Christmas break and thought they were a bit depressing. I guess that's true, but I still think documentation wins! :)

 Of course, it's much easier to put away decorations with a little help from my fur babies! But Lily didn't offer much assistance this time -- she just sat and supervised.

On the other hand, Tinsel jumped in and out of boxes so quickly that she was just a blur!

Okay, enough writing...back to the task at hand! Christmas needs to be put away before Easter gets here!


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Kimberly Marie said...

I always get such a kick out of our cats and their curiosity with all things Christmas related! Ziva loves to pounce on the light strings, Checkers loves to climb into the tree box, and Missie enjoys finding a stray ornament to bat around! So in spite of the hassle of taking everything down, they do make it much more bearable! I mostly dislike the lack of coziness from my twinkling white lights once all the Christmas decorations have been put away! But after a few weeks, I start to get excited and anxious for Spring!!