16 January 2015

Feline Friday: Tinsel Time

I know I've posted about this before, but it is so adorable I can't resist bringing it up again! Each morning when I'm in the bathroom putting on make-up and drying my hair, Tinsel comes to visit. This is truly the only time when she's social, and it baffles me as to why her friendly time is limited to the bathroom! She rolls around on the floor in an adorable sort of way, making sweet little mewing sounds!

She even lets me see her belleh (SEE being the operative word here! Don't touch it, Mom!) and give her scritches on the head and back. There is something about the bathroom that transforms her into a different cat! Although I can't figure it out, I'm happy that we've shared a lot of quality hours during our bathroom time! :)

Lately, though, someone else wants to get in on that quality time! You can see Lily pouting: What about me, Mom? Don't I get any attention?
No, Lily...you get PLENTY of attention during the remaining 23 hours of the day. Go busy yourself with something else. It's Tinsel Time! :)


Sarah Coggins said...

Tinsel Time. LOL Love it. So funny she is most social in the bathroom. That's the one room our cat avoids. In part because she can't stand the hair dryer. ;)

Janet said...

LOL Sarah! They are funny little creatures, each with their own quirks! Tinsel is normally so skittish so it's strange that she doesn't mind the noise!

Kimberly Marie said...

Your Feline Friday posts are always so amusing! My kitty Ziva does the same thing, and one day I discovered she was wriggling around on the areas where there was overspray from perfume and cologne!

Janet said...

haha Kimberly, that is funny! They each have such unique PURR-sonalities!

Jill Herzberg Morgenstern said...

So sweet! Nimue is kind of like that - he actually lives in the bathroom now though (sort of by his own choice).