15 January 2015

This Week: eBaying

Well, so much for my best blogging intentions! This week, I really do have a good excuse. In addition to working on new class projects, I decided to hit eBay really hard and put a lot of items up for auction. I started selling a few things on eBay last November. Now that I have a postal scale, things are going much better! 

Here's a shot of my "shipping area"...HA! Each box is packed with something I have listed right now. When the items sell and payment comes through, I'll print shipping/postage labels and tape the boxes shut. (Don't mind the scribbles on the outsides...I'll clean them up before I send them!) 
Maybe I'm just really slow, but it takes me quite a bit of time to photograph each item from all different angles, write an accurate description, research pricing, figure out packing and postage, then create each auction. Hopefully I will be able to pick up the pace, because I have so much more to sell!

Here's a small sampling of some of the auctions I have scheduled right now. 

I'm selling this Peter Rabbit figurine because he's a duplicate. I have several other figurines in this collection but am not ready to part with the rest of them!

This week, I'm focusing on selling my Liddle Kiddle dolls. This is Violet, one of the Kologne Kiddle dolls. Unlike the one I sold before Christmas, this particular doll does not have a bottle.

I'm also selling a Liddle Kiddle bracelet, ring and pin. Right now there seems to be a lot of interest in these Liddle Kiddle items. I'm guessing that people of my age are buying them to re-create their childhoods!

 I'm also selling this Heidi Pocketbook doll. She has an extra dress and 3 pairs of shoes. She has button on her tummy which, back in the day, made her arm wave. She came in a red "pocketbook" carrying case, which I no longer have. She's in great shape, considering her age! :)

I'm hoping to put together a small album of my childhood toys after I sell them on eBay or in my case at the antique mall. It should be easy since I have good pictures and a description of each!

Here's hoping for several successful auctions this week and many more for the week ahead!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Sounds like you have a great system going, Janet! I think being precise and efficient with eBay sales is the only way you can keep at it for a long time. My sister has been doing eBay sales for many years now, and she says that's the only thing that's really helped her keep everything straight! Hope you have great success at it! Your items look in great shape. :)