27 December 2014

Christmas Craftiness

  We have had a great time with Bailey home for 10 days! We managed to fit quite a bit of craftiness into her break. Bailey suggested we go to a canvas class, which was super fun. I will share more pictures of that afternoon in another post. Here we are with our completed owl canvases!

Bailey also finished up her first knitted teddy bear! This was quite an accomplishment. She's been dabbling in knitting for a few years now but in the past few months has had a bit more time to delve into it more seriously. Wilson the bear is adorable! 

She is also teaching herself to crochet. This is a super cute crocheted coaster which I plan to hang on the Christmas tree. :) Bailey certainly didn't get her skills from her mother, but her great grandmother was an excellent crocheter (is that a word?). Grandma would be very proud!

 I'm not a painter or a knitter -- that much is clear! Paper seems to be my medium of choice! I made a few Christmas cards very late in the game, a few of which are shown here.

Then I made some thank you cards using the same design.

 I decorated several envelopes for gift cards...

 ...and I could not resist fancying up my candy canes for the Christmas dinner table.

Here's hoping for much more crafty time in the new year!


Kristina said...

Lovely projects!

Kimberly Marie said...

So glad you could enjoy Bailey's visit for over a week! You've had some great "crafting" and projects going on!