19 December 2014

Feline Friday: Deer Santa...

 Deer Santa...
Hi, its Lily. Last week I promissed to be gud. 
Den dis happened. 
I had a nottie.
I can ecksplain...

I got into Tinsel's noms and I cud not stopp nomming dem. I nommed untill I waz full.

Very full.

Verrrry verrrry fulllll.

Mi pants wuz wai too tite.

 I am verrrry sorrie I ate her noms. I haz a big big sorrie.

  Pleeeeze don't bee mad. I will not do dis again. At leest not until Januerie.

Pleeeeze still bring me treats?

Luv, Lily

1 comment:

Kristina said...

lol...Lily seems to be going down the same "naughty or nice" road that Coco is, just for different reasons. Cute photos! Merry Christmas Janet!