02 December 2014

Favorite Things and Other Stuff

Please, please excuse my lack of posts. I know it's sort "excuse of the week" these days! I just don't seem to have my blogging rhythm back and with a lot of holiday season projects, blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat. But I have some ideas I would like to try in the new year, so hopefully I can get a fresh start.

In the last few days I've been pulling together a few goodies for our upcoming staff event called a "My Favorite Things" party. The group tried this idea (which came from Heidi Swapp's blog) last year and loved it, so everyone wanted to do it again. Each person puts together a little gift bag or container with a few of her favorite things -- one for each person in attendance. At the party, each person gives the gifts out and shares why she loves those particular things. It's a great way to get to know people a little better -- and find out about wonderful things you may not have known existed! At last year's party, people gave popcorn, lotion, candles, Sharpie markers, and many other favorites! And the containers were so creative (imagine all the beautiful ways crafters can package things!) that they were just as fun as the gifts!

Last December I was in a serious slump from the events of the year so I sat out, but this time I decided to participate. First I had to decide what my favorite things are! That in itself was very hard, because many of my favorite things (like NPR!) do not fit in a gift bag! I finally settled on a galvanized tin container filled with a few odds and ends, which you can see being assembled in the above photo. I will share a picture of my finished gift and all the other goodies after the event this weekend!

One thing which is destined to become one of my favorite things is my new iPhone 6+. Yep, I got the big, bendable (not in a good way) phone. (I don't put phones in my pocket, so bending was not a concern to me!) So far, I love how easy it is to use compared to my Android. Things that frustrated me with my old phone are non-existent with the iPhone. And the camera is much, much easier to use. Try as I did, I could rarely get blur-free pictures on my Android. So (with the exception of this picture below which I did not take) you should expect to see much better photos on the blog from now on!

I have also started selling some things again on eBay. I dabbled in eBay a few years ago but got frustrated with the whole shipping process and quit. Recently I decided to give it another go. I have been selling a few small dollhouse items which belonged to one of my mom's friends while I figure out the shipping thing. I still have my case at the antique mall but this gives me another avenue to sell items which need a larger market.

So that's a quick update for now. Hope to be back in the next couple of days with some holiday decorating pictures!
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