08 December 2012

Our Latest Trip to Indiana

 This past week, we made a quick trip to Indiana University to see our daughter perform in her first and only concert with the Singing Hoosiers. She has added choral education to her instrumental music education program so was required to spend one semester singing with this group. Of course, she loves to sing and had many years of show choir experience in middle school and high school, so it was a treat for us to see her perform again in a group like this!

It was an absolutely wonderful trip, other than the fact that I dropped my phone. :( It was on my lap when I jumped out of the car at Jimmy Johns to pick up a sandwich for Bailey! I could not have felt worse about it...I've been so careful with my Droid! Spouse covered the front of it with packing tape and it worked just fine, and a new phone was waiting for us when we got home. We transferred everything over to the new phone and I re-installed all of my apps, so I'm good to go again. I'm glad that Spouse had the foresight to get the insurance plan on my phone (he must have expected me to do this!) so I only have to cover the deductible. 

 Bloomington is all decked out for the holidays! I took several photos of the square last year so I didn't do that again, but it's just as pretty this year!

We had a few minutes to hang out at the beautiful IU Memorial Union before heading to the concert venue. It was the week before finals, so students were sprawled out everywhere -- some studying, some Facebooking, and a few sleeping. :)

This sculpture in front of the art museum on campus is lit up in rotating colors at night. To get the full effect, you must be a college student and lie on your back with your legs up the building. We did not do this, so we did not get the full effect!
This is the outside of the beautiful IU Auditorium where the concert was held.
The annual Chimes of Christmas concert is a holiday tradition in Bloomington. This year's concert was a blend of traditions with a few new twists, thanks to the new director who is a nationally known vocal jazz educator. Read a wonderful review of the concert here.

The students had four costume changes during the show, starting out with winter coats and scarves. The snowy backdrop created a beautiful setting.

 Several groups performed during the evening, including a local middle-school show choir group (shown here in front). Photos were not allowed, but we had to sneak just a couple! You can see the official photo album here.

Of course I had to have some pictures after the concert, including one with her boyfriend!

And one more in the sparkly red dress! 
 We are so proud of Bailey and very excited about all the fantastic performance opportunities she has had at the Jacobs School of Music. I love that the faculty has supported her in pursuing instrumental AND vocal music education because she's always been strong in both -- it's one of the things that makes her unique! As much as I love to hear her play, it was a special treat to see her back on stage singing again! 

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