12 December 2012

New, new, new, new, MEW!

Today's post is about a few exciting NEW things!

#1 -- The first NEW thing is the great brown corduroy 31 bag I purchased from my cousin. This is a big deal for me because I almost never buy stuff like this, but the free bag I've been carrying for years now finally gave out. I've been using the new bag to haul my class stuff back and forth to Memory Bound and it works great! As a little treat to myself, I also bought the owl coin purse, just because it's so adorable...not because I ever have lots of cash to put in it! Right now it's full of paper clips and rubber bands, which are much more practical anyway!

#2 -- A couple of weeks ago, we got a NEW furnace, finally replacing the original one which was on its last legs. It has made my crafting space (which was previously very cold) nice and toasty! We'll also be getting a NEW air conditioner sometime before next spring. It's amazing how small the new furnace is!

We also had some duct work changes made at the time of the installation, so we had to take nearly everything out of the back storage room. This was no small feat! All of the stuff sat in a BIG PILE for another week until the guys came back and cleaned our duct work. I have finally started putting stuff back, but I'm trying to clean and re-organize as I go. It's very overwhelming.

 The stuff on the shelves didn't have to be moved, but I'm kind of re-arranging some of it as I go. We don't need HALF of this stuff! I'm on a deadline to finish this basement project, as we'll be having people here over the holidays and need the space where everything had been stashed.

 #3 -- I just finished up the store NEW-sletter! It's always fun to see how it looks when it comes back from the printer. The online version will be up soon.

#4 -- I recently finished up the project for a NEW recipe album class, one of my favorites in a long time! I started with a great assortment of Bo Bunny Sweet Tooth products with a bit of this and that added in.

Whenever I make a mini-album project, I start by planning out the pages. I love using the NEW floor of my craft space for this part of the process! This helps ensure that there is a good "flow" of color throughout the project. I don't adhere anything until I settle on the final design.

This is the cover of the album. I'll be teaching this class in February!

#5 -- And now, here's the MEW -- one of my favorite LOLCAT images in a long time!

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