20 December 2012

Christmas Cards from Scraps

There's something about a blizzard that makes me want to hunker down and CRAFT! As the snow started to fall yesterday afternoon, I gathered my stash of Christmas products and decided to make a few Christmas cards. I spend so much time creating cards for my work that I sometimes run out of time and/or lose my mojo to make my own...and that's sort of what happened this year. Until yesterday! Six days before Christmas is a good time for one's mojo to return...just in the NICK of time! :)


 I almost never send out handmade cards to everyone. This year, it will be a mix of store-bought and handmade cards which I'll mail as I finish them. My main goal is to use up some of my Christmas stash. Because I do a lot of freelance Christmas projects, I've accumulated an extreme (for me, anyway!) amount of seasonal product over the years.

After gathering all my stuff, I had to take a rather long break to make dinner and watch the Indiana basketball game :), so I finally got back to crafting as the storm was picking up speed. We put on a pot of coffee, so I was good to go for several hours!


As the blizzard roared outside, I was nice and toasty inside, making lots of cards from leftover bits of this and that. Here are a few I put together using some Echo Park and October Afternoon product. Of course, each card is unique but to save time when making lots of cards, I try to repeat a general design using different elements, as you can see in the two smaller cards in the front of this photo. When I run out of stuff that works with that design, I'll come up with another idea and go with it for the next few cards.

And considering THIS is what it looks like outside this morning, I'm hoping for another productive crafting day!



Anonymous said...

Love the snow and love what you did with your scraps. I bet you are enjoying your new craft room too!! Merry Christmas!!

Janet said...

Yes, I sure am! Thanks so much! :)