14 December 2012

Feline Friday: Everyday Lily

Happy Feline Friday!
As hard as it is to believe :), Lily and Tinsel do not go on grand adventures every day! Most days they are busy just being adorable. Here's Lily in few of her typical EVERYDAY positions.

She enjoys hanging out on her corrugated scratching post. It's like her own tiny little deck.

She also spends quite a bit of time sequestered in the basement while Tinsel eats. Tinsel may well be the slowest eater on the planet, while Lily is without question the fastest. Here, she has licked her plate clean and is waiting to be let back upstairs so she can steal Tinsel's food!

Lily also has several unusual poses, including this one which we see from time to time. Most of these positions occur when she gets distracted while licking her tummy. Yes, Lily, that puffball might be fun to play with, but you'll have to get up first!

Any cat mom will tell you that it's the EVERYDAY moments like these that make kitties so special!

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